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Ellica is a Demonic Magic Studies student at one of the most prestigious schools in the realm, Aeternum Academy. But her schoolwork has to take a back seat one day when she discovers her best friend Macy is missing!

Help Ellica brave the crazed groundskeeper, an overzealous hall monitor and waves upon waves of wayward flying cats in the adventure of a lifetime… or maybe just the adventure of this week.


Aeternum is a side-scrolling bullet hell shoot ’em up (aka horizontal shmup).

  • Five levels of screen-packing bullets and intricately patterned scripted boss fights.
  • Four difficulty modes: Normal, Hard, Demonic, Lunatic.
  • PC Bonus: Easy difficulty. Same bullets as Normal, but you lose less power when hit.
  • Lunatic difficulty: the difficulty so hard even the creator can’t beat it!
  • Visual style melding pixel art characters and backgrounds with hi-def graphical effects.
  • A rather silly story with dialogue written by Nate Graves of GearFish.
  • Option to turn off dialogue for shooting purists.
  • Soundtrack by Jesse Bishop. Seventeen tracks of epic chip-pop goodness.
Read more about the development of Aeternum: wastedbrilliance.com/tag/aeternum/

Original Sound Track




Just your average demon girl student at Aeternum Academy studying the magical arts. Unless you count her insatiable curiosity for mysteries.

Ellica isn’t the most talented or powerful when it comes to magic, but she makes up for it with speed and dexterity.


Candynce Sky

An art student who spends most of her free time on the grassy knoll outside the school, Candynce is intensely dedicated to her craft.

Unfortunately, she doesn’t take criticism well, and those who annoy her will find themselves on the receiving end of a bullet wallop from her giant brush.



A student of demonic studies at Aeternum Academy, Jeanette also works as a school hall monitor. A job which she takes tremendously seriously and uses to her advantage while trying to suss out what she perceives to be vast conspiracies afoot.



A technological savant from a very prestigious family, Millicent often comes across as cold to most students, but she’s really just shy and often tired from working late into the night to perfect her inventions.


Samantha Clementine

Resident student librarian at Aeternum Academy, Samantha takes her job deadly seriously. Riding her magically enchanted flying bike allows her the best chance to keep up with the high demand of finding books or restocking them.

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WastedBrilliance is an independent video game development studio run by Brooks Bishop. With contributions by Nate Graves, Jesse Bishop and Geoff Schultz.