The man himself behind the music of Aeternum has been up late for months working on all aspects of his latest project: Street Cleaner.

Street Cleaner is the soundtrack to a 1980’s action film that never was. A 13 track romp through the back alleys, beaches and downtown of San Diego in an era past where a lone detective takes to the streets to clean up the all-pervasive crime and corruption.

Contributing artists include Nick “Bonkers” Perry, Matt “Norrin Radd” Creamer, Dan “Creepy Pizza” Lillie, Sergio Radatelli and Erik “VikingGuitar” Peabody. Also photography by Chris Herrera.

The album is available now on Jesse’s Street Cleaner Bandcamp, digital download for $5. Or for a mere $5 more get an actual CD as well as a postcard, stickers, and special bonus prize!

Check out the video for the album’s second single, “The Wet Look” (directed by your’s truly!) below, on YouTube.

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