The wait for Aeternum on PC is over! Our own little quirky bullet hell has finally made the leap, but we thought while we were at it why not fix a whole bunch of stuff, and add a bunch of other stuff!

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  • Includes all 4 stages of the original game AND the Extra stage featuring the true final boss, Winter.
  • Play fullscreen, or windowed with appropriate size/stretch options.
  • Playable with an Xbox (or compatible) gamepad, or keyboard with configurable bindings.
  • Additional Easy Difficulty.
    • You’ll find the exact same bullet patterns as on Normal, only taking a hit loses less Power.
  • All new Arrange Mode!
    • Play as either Ellica or Aubrey.
    • An entirely new rank-based alternate scoring system for seasoned shmup players who demand a more complex experience.
  • Unlock Aubrey as a playable character in Arcade Mode too!
  • Toggle bloom filter on/off, for less powerful computers, or if you just plain hate bloom.
  • New “Retry” option in the pause menu for practicing perfectionists.
  • Fancy appearing text in Story Mode dialogue scenes.

Balance Changes/Bug Fixes

  • Player movement adjusted. Ellica’s slow move speed is slightly faster.
  • Bombing no longer fails a boss spell bonus.
  • New “game over” animation. Sorry if dying felt cheap before.
  • Arcade mode now starts with 6 lives in all difficulties.
  • Powerups should no longer buggily appear above bullets.

As always, I’m totally open to questions/comments/suggestions/criticism, or just plain old talking!

So feel free to leave a comment here, drop me an email at, hit me up on twitter at @BrooksBishop, or whatever!

2 responses to “Aeternum Arrives on PC”

  1. Jaimers says:

    Okay I have to say that the increased movement speed makes this game about ten times more playable and more fun now!

    A suggestion I would like to make is for the game to save your latest inputted name on the scoreboard as typing out your name every time gets tedious fast.
    Also it might be better to make panics fail the spellcardbonus as I feel kind of cheap capturing them like this haha.

    Anyway I promised a video so here it is:

    By the way you can see a score bug right at the beginning of the video and I encountered a different bug where I had most likely reset right after death and my character stayed purple until I had reset the run.

    • Yeah, Taking a panic shot is still meant to fail the bonus. I think my meddling with the bomb system accidentally affected the panic interaction with the bonus flag. Annoying that I missed that one.

      Annoying score reset bug too. At least it’s purely cosmetic.

      Once things settle down I’ll see about putting out a patched version that addresses all the little things at once, and changes the Arcade balance like you suggested.

      And thanks for all your feedback, I think it’s really helping make the game better. :)

      If you would like to claim a prize, go ahead and email me at so I can get some info.

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