I sure hope I didn't put a slice of bologna in my Xbox.

One of the greatest pleasures in my life, as of late, is watching YouTube reviews of Aeternum. I guess watching people talk about your team’s work could be called narcissistic. But come on, it’s fun!

Fist up, Classic Game Room Undertow with a super classy review by one of my most favorite game networks. I urge you, watch this one. I did, about six times. Well … okay, sixteen times. Oops, make that seventeen.

Up next, MrDeadmanDT  mispronounces Ikaruga, drinks, and plays the demo of Aeternum after skipping the tutorial.

And thirdly we have, DarkHogosha. Not a review, but an awesome run through the game on normal. I could watch this all day. The dude has some serious chops when it comes to SHMUPS. Subscribe. He’s currently the world record holder in speedrunning Soulcaster, and his Let’s Plays are radical.


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