Aeternum has a fairly standard scoring system. There’s no real complex mechanics at play. I was more interested in building something that was generally simple and solid. You can definitely bet that I’ll be taking what I learned here and working hard to make a scoring system that’s much more compelling and interesting next time I attempt to build a shmup, though!

Until then, here’s how scoring in Aeternum is broken down. Happy point hunting!

Point Breakdown

Graze (focused) – 1 point (PC: 10 points)

Graze (unfocused) – 10 points

Shoot an enemy – 100 points

Kill an enemy – 1000 points

Bullet Point Item – 100 points

When a boss phase is completed, all remaining enemy bullets on screen are converted to Bullet Point Items and automatically collected. These items are worth 100 points each.

Collecting Point Items –

The value of a Point item depends on the following:

  1. The difficulty rank (a value from 0.0 to 1.0)
    Normal = 0.0, Hard = 0.2, Demonic = 0.5, Lunatic = 1.0
  2. The current Graze counter
  3. Your position horizontally on the screen as a fraction of distance to the Point of Collection

Here’s the formula used in the game to determine the value of a Point item:

PointValue = (1000 + Rank * 3000) * Clamp(Player.X / PointOfCollection, 0.2, 1.0) * (0.2 + Graze * 0.001)

Note that collecting a point item gives at least 20% of the value, ramping linearly up to 100% at the Point of Collection.

Clearing a Boss Spell –

When a boss pulls you into their own subspace to perform an attack, and the visual background changes, they are performing a spell. Exhausting the boss’s hit points without dying or using a bomb rewards you with a significant point bonus based on difficulty rank and time remaining on the boss attack. This bonus is calculated as follows:

PointBonus = (1000000 * (Stage + (Rank * 3))) * Clamp(TimeLeft / (TotalAttackTime – 5.0), 0, 1)

Panics –

There is no bonus for having panics left over, as there is already significant score gained from the point tokens collected.

In Conclusion

The key to getting a high score is most definitely not getting hit. This is especially true for garnering boss spell bonuses, and secondarily for maximizing point token collection.

Since there is no bonus for panics, it is safe to use them for stage waves and for boss non-spells, but getting hit with a panic counts against the spell bonus.

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