Nyaruko hugs!

I’ve been a big fan of H.P. Lovecraft and his Cthulhu Mythos work ever since my dad unloaded his collection of sci-fi and fantasy books on me to devour many years ago. I still have them all in the book shelf to the right of my desk. By now, I have even more respect for the man and his work and the sheer amount of impact he has had on the literary and cultural landscape.

So I thought it was pretty hilarious when I learned that the Cthulhu mythos was being used as the basis for a light manga, which in turn was being made into an anime series. While I didn’t think the anime was the greatest thing I had ever seen, I still couldn’t pass up the chance to own a moe Nyarlathothep figure.

Enough with my chatter, here’s some photos!







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