Aeternum is hard.

But that’s half the fun isn’t it? The way all the sweat and terror and panic gives way to relief and victory when you finally manage to pull it off!

Because we know it’s so hard, we’re offering up a prize for the first person to show us they can really best the game.  All you need to do, is record yourself doing a full play through of Aeternum on Demonic, with no continues (aka a full 1CC), post it to YouTube and let us know to have a look!  The first person (or maybe a few people, who knows!) to do this will get a super special package shipped to them by Jesse Bishop himself.  If you do it on Lunatic instead, we’ll make the pot even sweeter.

(If you want to win this, you have to have a shipping address or a PO box and be willing to let us mail you something.)

So what are you waiting for! Get shooting!  Then send an email showing us your uploaded streaming video to, and we’ll let you know!

So if you haven’t already picked up Aeternum on Xbox Live Indie Games or on PC via IndieGameStand, go buy it now!  It’s only $2.99!

Buy Aeternum on IndieGameStand

Buy Aeternum on XBox Live Indie Games! 



Congratulations to RebKMG for a clear on Demonic, and Jaimers for a clear on Lunatic! More on this soon.

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