Another holiday season comes to an end, but more importantly, another end of the world prediction fizzled out and died. And while everyone was working on the end of the world festivities, we (er.. Brooks and Nate) have been plugging away at the next chapter of the Aeternum saga. I would LOVE to show you my newest favorite bad guy whom I have dubbed the “Strutting Skelecat”. However I don’t think I am allowed to. So instead I will show you what I believe might just be the raddest Christmas present of the year. GlamGoreMuffin from the Shizz (Minibosses forum) sent me a massive 55 by 46 pixel bead art of Ellica. It took her 7 hours and approximately 2,000 beads. Sweet huh?

Oh, and I started work on a new track for the Aeternum expansion. The OST will be re-released (Still at the “Name your own price” price point) with the new track, remixes, and covers from myself as well as some super talented video game arrangers and re-mixers. Stay tuned. And have a happy new year!

One response to “New years resolution, ADVENTURE!”

  1. NateGraves says:

    I’ve said it before, but that is so friggin’ rad.

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