The long wait is finally, nearly over. Aeternum is complete and as balanced as it’s probably going to get, and anything I would do from here on out would probably be nit-picky, unnecessary things.

All I can do now is just sit back, and let people have a chance to play it. That’s not to say that this chapter of the Aeturnum universe is closed. Nate and I have more in store, to be sure. But before we move on to such things, I just want to see how the Xbox Indies crowd reacts.

Don’t forget, the Aeternum sound track is already up for sale! ┬áIt’s ONLY A DOLLAR! Get it at Jesse’s Bandcamp page.

If you have an App Hub account and want to review Aeternum, do so here!

One response to “Aeternum Now in Peer Review”

  1. Jesse Bishop says:

    Oh snap! Now we play the waiting game.

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