I managed to finish up stage 3 as far as enemies and bullets are concerned. I’m letting it set a few days before I go back and playtest it to tweak for difficulty, and see if I even like what I did. As is often the case with artists, when I go back and take a look at what I’ve done, I can only see the flaws. So I like to take these little breaks before going back, because I’m sure I’ll hate at least a couple of things, and I still have time to rip out the terrible stuff and redo it. This just leaves the 4th and final stage to be developed, and since it will consist mostly of the fight with the final boss (as opposed to having a lot of lead up with minor enemies or a miniboss) it should be pretty fun for me to work on. I still have yet to settle on a “theme” for the boss’s patterns though. A theme is a sort of common effect in the bullet patterns that I use to tie the fight together both aesthetically and in terms of gameplay.

I’ve been using the break time from developing content to work on some of the art direction, namely the character dialogue images. I have three of the eight done so far and I think they’re looking pretty good, if I do say so myself. You can see the first stage boss Candynce Sky below.



WastedBrilliance is an independent video game development studio run by Brooks Bishop. With contributions by Nate Graves, Jesse Bishop and Geoff Schultz.