Progress has been slow but steady. At least on my end. I’ve developed, tested, and balanced about half of stage 3. The other half is the fun part: the whole of the boss fight.

I’ve thought it’s kind of funny as I’ve worked on this game, that the part I like least is working on the waves of enemies leading up to the boss. That’s not to say that that half of stage creation is a total drag, because it’s an essential part of this style of game play, in my opinion. It’s just that compared to creating bosses, the leading waves require a very taxing amount of meticulous scripting to create a fun yet balanced interplay of enemy movement and bullets. It’s almost like creating music or a dance routine in the need for a precise composition that is aesthetically pleasing. Only the aesthetics at play here aren’t just visuals or audio, but also the desire to create an orchestrated player experience that will later complement the slightly different style of play found in the boss battle.

As it usually seems to happen though, I did build a few extra bullet patterns that I shuffled off to use in stage 4 where I think they’ll be more effective. I have quite the library of extra components to utilize that at the time of creation didn’t really fit, in a folder helpfully labeled “TO USE LATER”.

Anyway, here’s a screenshot of some of the madness I’ve been cooking up (set to Insane, of course):

I wish I could provide a script and/or music update, but unfortunately both Nate and Jesse have been extremely busy this last week with personal stuff. I’m pretty sure once they have surmounted their respective obstacles, we’ll get some awesome new developments to discuss and show off. For now, I think I can just say that what I’ve seen out of each of them at this point is really going to make the game. All my work in engine development, visual style and game mechanics has really proven to me to be a mere shadow of an experience once the work of these two gentlemen began to be integrated.

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