Aeternum is something I’ve been working on in the sidelines for the past couple years. It’s what I went home to from a job, what I’d ponder on weekends, and what I would curse myself for not doing while I spent time playing other peoples’ games. I’ve been hesitant to really reveal anything until recently, because that just seems to be how I am. More content to hide and toil away in obscurity than to try to make waves. But that’s something that has to change!

As some people may know, I used to run a little site called with my friend Geoff. Sadly, since he figures it’s better to make “money” than sit and play bad games all day 2F has kind of fallen by the wayside again, as I can’t really keep it up alone. But what that site did do was clue me in further on the Xbox Live Indie Games scene, and get me some contacts. One of the more fun things I was lucky to be a part of was the XBLIG Uprisings put on by some developers to help promote their games on the service. When I noticed a new Summer Uprising was on its way for September 2012 I made some attempts to shoot for the roster. I decided it was finally a reasonable and attainable goal for completion, and buckled in for some furious development crunch.¬†Unfortunately, I missed out on that possibility somehow. Instead I’m just going to keep on pushing, and make the game even better.

Currently Aeternum has a complete engine. What I’ve been working on is finishing up the content. While the final game will have four stages, I have some three and change complete and locked in. This includes all four difficulty levels. In game character and enemy art is all complete, although I may polish it a bit here and there before release. The story and dialogue are coming along well, with the script about 60% written. Although I still have quite a bit of drawing and painting to do to finish the dialogue scene portraits. The music is a bit behind schedule, although I can hardly lay blame as the soundtrack is being composed by my friend Jesse who is in the process of moving. The contributors to this project are something I will cover more in depth in a future post, to give them the due credit they deserve.

In all, I’m glad to have had the motivational kick in the ass of shooting for inclusion in the Uprising and I’m still working hard with that timeline in mind to push me towards content completion. At the same time, I think missing out on that will just mean the game is more polished in the end.


WastedBrilliance is an independent video game development studio run by Brooks Bishop. With contributions by Nate Graves, Jesse Bishop and Geoff Schultz.