We at WastedBrilliance wholeheartedly support the community of online video presenters. Some of our greatest inspiration has come from seeing how other people approach playing games.

As such, we hereby declare that everyone has complete permission to produce and monetize video footage of any game we create whether it’s a filmed replay, or a live let’s play, etc.

– Brooks Bishop, founder WastedBrilliance

Please though, if you do put up some footage somewhere¬†we want to see it! Send us an email, a tweet, a comment, whatever it takes. We love seeing people enjoy our games. And we’ll also most likely turn around and show it off in kind.

Email: brooks@wastedbrilliance.com

Twitter: @brooksbishop


WastedBrilliance is an independent video game development studio run by Brooks Bishop. With contributions by Nate Graves, Jesse Bishop and Geoff Schultz.